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For the Love of Rivers

Rivers Changed

In For the Love of Rivers , Kurt Fausch explores how we have used and changed rivers, and how this affects the essential values that humans seek from them

Nakano's Legacy

Dr. Shigeru Nakano, a Japanese river ecologist, pioneered a new understanding of how forests and streams depend on each other. His work inspired Kurt Fausch to continue this research with colleagues after Nakano's tragic death, and to bring this work to the public in For the Love of Rivers

Rivers Reimagined

In the final chapter of For the Love of Rivers , Kurt Fausch gives readers four key strategies for restoring rivers, and a place to start in turning their love of rivers into deeper understanding and action to conserve these essential places

Arikaree: River on the Brink

Streams of the western Great Plains are home to unique native fishes, but groundwater pumped from their aquifers is also the lifeblood of agriculture in the region. In For the Love of Rivers , Kurt Fausch explores how the Arikaree River is shrinking as pumping continues, and ponders the future for native fishes

Cutthroat: Conserving Colorado's Trout

Cutthroat trout were once abundant throughout the West but now occur only in small scattered populations throughout most of their former range. In For the Love of Rivers, Kurt Fausch explains why Colorado's native trout are so rare, and why they are worth conserving.

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