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“In this beautifully written and soulful book, Kurt Fausch exposes the raw nerve of conservation: do we care enough about the natural world to save some of it? He concludes that the urge must come not from monetary justification or scientific warnings, but from a realm ‘beyond the reach of language,’ from the place in our hearts where love resides.”

Brian Richter

Chief Scientist of the Nature Conservancy's Global Water Program, and author of Chasing Water: A Guide for Moving from Scarcity to Sustainability

“This open window to the mind, heart, and adventures of an accomplished ecologist offers a rare and insightful view for any of us who care about streams, fish, and nature.”

Tim Palmer

Author of Field Guide to Oregon Rivers, Rivers of America, and Lifelines: The Case for River Conservation

“For the Love of Rivers is a book that will inspire and enlighten anyone with a personal or professional connection to rivers, water, and conservation.”

Jeremy Monroe

Freshwaters Illustrated

“For The Love of Rivers is an accessible, narrative driven work. If the book is any indication of his talents as a writer, Fausch should prepare himself for a very busy post-retirement career… ”

Read the full review, Riverman, by Brian Cronin. Hudson Valley Mercantile. March 2015

“For the Love of Rivers is nature writing at its best, although it's much more than that.”

Read the full review by George Erdosh. Portland Book Review. April 10, 2015

“Fausch conveys elegantly his reverence of rivers in this clarion call for conservation. In For the Love of Rivers: A Scientist's Journey, Kurt D. Fausch weaves stories and insights from a career immersed in the ecology of rivers with lyrical and deeply felt reflections on what these flowing waters mean to us and what will be lost unless we learn to care for them.”

Read the full review by Kristine Morris. Foreward Reviews. May 27, 2015

“Fausch’s personal and scientific journey combined with his philosophical exploration makes For the Love of Rivers a complex literary work. It takes courage for an ecologist to write that we ought to love rivers. This is a book that had to be written. It is one that ought to be read.”

Read the full review by John J. Piccolo. Feb 2016. Fish and Fisheries 17(4):1236-1237.

“Fausch reminds us that though the business of science requires that we be dispassionate about the outcomes of our experiments, it doesn't mean we need to be dispassionate in communicating about science or conservation. On the contrary: it's often our contagious passion that engages others. This book is Fausch's medium for sharing that passion with a broad audience.”

Read the full review by Seth Wenger. September 2016. Biological Conservation 201:425.

“It is writing like this that is needed to encourage and guide us in our pursuits of understanding and stewardship, and illustrates how perhaps the only way we can protect and cherish these wonders is through emotional connection to each other and to nature.”

Read the full review by Brent Pease. April 2017. Natural Areas Journal 37(2):272-273